Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Announcing the release of FitPal

We’re pleased to announce the release of FitPal – the iPhone app that helps take control of physical workouts. It gives personalized recommendations on how intensively one should exercise at any given moment in order to get any progress and keep heart safe at the same time.

We’ve worked with many personal and group trainers and encountered lots of cases of overtraining. You’re working out to get fit and not to get into hospital with a heart attack. FitPal will help you with that. FitPal team can be reached at their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/fitpalofficial or simply at http://www.fitpal.com where anybody can ask questions and receive answers. We’re making a considerable effort to make FitPal useful to everybody who cares about their fitness.

Your input and suggestions are very valuable – feel free to join FitPal. Lots of updates are coming in a near future to integrate with your favorite workouts and to monitor heart in real-time. One of the updates can be driven by your feedback. We’d greatly appreciate if you join us!

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